The duo for combination and oily skin

The duo for combination and oily skin

Do you have combination or oily skin? 

Combination skin and oily skin are both skin types. 

They result in skin that produces excess sebum to ensure the integrity of the hydrolipidic film and to help keep the skin hydrated and protected. 

Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands, which are naturally more numerous on the chin, forehead and wings of the nose, known as the T-zone. It is then evacuated through the skin's pores.

However, an overproduction of sebum, also known as hyperseborrhea, can lead to a number of annoying effects such as shiny skin or clogged pores, leading to the formation of pimples or blackheads.

Do you have shiny skin during the day? 

We have the solution with our duo of products adapted to combination to oily and blemished skin. 

Our Astrali products have been designed to rebalance combination to oily skin by reducing sebum production.  

The Regulating Jelly 

Composed of zinc and marine sugar, the Regulating Jelly reduces excessive sebum production and matifies the skin of your face throughout the day. Pores are less visible and the skin is smooth. Don't worry about shine with our innovative regulating gel.

Its translucent gel texture melts onto the skin upon application, and is very pleasant and provides a fresh effect.

Perfection Cream

The Perfection Cream, perfectly adapted to combination and oily skin prone to skin imperfections, purifies the skin and balances sebum production. Your skin is both matified and moisturised. If you have blemishes, thanks to its active ingredients of wintergreen, mallow and burdock, this light cream will also visibly reduce them and soothe inflammation. Rebalance and reveal your beauty with Astrali! 

Our values

With Astrali, the respect of your skin and the quality of our products are our priority! 

  • Natural formulas Natural formulas
  • Prevent ageing Prevent ageing
  • Balance the skin Balance the skin